1. Here’s a short list of things that amuse me:

    • Canadians. They spell favorite with a u. It just cracks me up. Plus their accents.
    • Brits. They have awesome accents.
    • That sticky stuff you use to put up posters. Not tape, that stuff that looks like putty.
    • Skeletoes. They’re so amusing and feety.
    • NOT Juliana. 
    • Friendship tokens. I mean this in the sense of bracelets and necklaces, things that make it known that you love someone to the public. 
    • Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Hitchcock when presenting a Knowledge Issue today.
    • NOT this school’s WiFi.
    • Cats. They do the silliest things.

    I may or may not add to this later.

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    3. pokesona said: Because favourite > favorite. Also, I don’t think I have an accent but according to some I do. It confuses me. And the sticky stuff is called sticky tack.
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